Exelon Innovation Competition

Presentations: April 7th

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Click the button 'Go to innovation submissions' to take you to the ANS EPSR website.

Note, you will need an ANS account to submit a paper

To submit a proposal first sign in to your ANS account then:

  1. Click 'My Proposals' located on the left column of the website
  2. On the proposals screen click 'Create a New Proposal'
  3. When prompted 'Please select the type of paper you would like to create', please select Contributed/Stimulated Proposal radio button and click 'create proposal'
  4. Look at the requirements and then hit 'continue'
  5. Type in the title of the proposal, do not change the type from Contributed/Stimulated Proposal. Hit save and continue
  6. Select the innovation track, and click continue
  7. Add additional authors if applicable, then click Save and Continue
  8. Upload a PDF of your proposal, click Save and Continue
  9. Answer the 3 questions in the text boxes, click Save and Continue
  10. Review the information you have entered and click 'I have reviewed the information above and would like to submit my proposal for review.' and click Submit Proposal when you are ready

Click here to download the Call for Innovation.


Student teams are encouraged to submit a business proposal for an innovative idea within the field of nuclear science and technology. Teams will give a 5-minute pitch plus Q/A after to a group of judges. Judging will be based on the following criteria:

  • NEWNESS - Degree of newness the innovation has
  • DESIRABILITY - Customer value expectation
  • VIABILITY - Organization value expectations
  • FEASIBILITY - Ability to bring idea to life


Teams may decide on a format for the proposal (1-3 page PDF). Keep in mind this document makes a first impression on judges so care must be put into its conception. The focus should be on selling the idea and not presenting a scientific manuscript, i.e. this should not have a format like a paper submission.


Teams will be limited to 5 minute pitch that will assessed by a team of judges. The presentations will take place Saturday afternoon of the conference. Teams are free to use slides (unlimited number) for their presentations or any other method you believe is suitable. A Q/A will take place after the presentation that will be no more than 10 minutes.


If you previously submitted an idea and won a cash prize, you may not submit that same idea again. Unlimited slides during presentation. If you are entering as a team, you must disclose all team members.


The winnter will be given a $500 cash prize.

Intellectual Property Protection

If your team is concerned about intellectual property we will have all judges and others present for the competition sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). However, your team must provide the agreement and make it available by the time of the presentation. Additionally, we can have those reviewing the innitial submission sign a NDA before viewing as well. For additional information

Judging Criteria


  • What makes your idea new and exciting?
  • If this is an improvement for an existing idea, how is it better?
  • What makes your idea stand out above the rest?
  • Is there already a US patent for a similar idea?
  • What has your research shown about similar ideas?
  • Describe your intended audience.
  • Explain how your idea solves a problem or addresses an unmet need.
  • How is your idea financially sound?
  • What economic value will your idea create?
  • What feedback have you received on your idea?
  • What are the next steps for your idea to be taken to market?
  • For example: write a business plan, create a prototype, find investors, etc.
  • Could this be made on a larger scale?
  • Why does your idea have potential to be successful?
  • How professional is your presentation?
  • Do you grab the audience’s attention?
  • Is your idea clearly presented?
  • How well do you answer questions from the judges?